Genius You is a powerful process of self-understanding and it is for every person who wishes to be their very best selves.


Genius You is yours, you are the topic. Discovering you is the purpose and understanding you is the process. 

Every great teacher speaks to the power and wisdom gained on the journey of self-understanding. On some level we all know that this is incredibly important, the problem is, it’s really hard. There are so many parts that are invisible to us and so much we are afraid to see.

Self-understanding is the most powerful thing in the world, not just for ourselves, but for the future of humanity. When we deeply understand ourselves, we not only know how to live our lives better, we also become better citizens, neighbours, lovers, parents, friends, children, leaders, workers....



"I now know how to do this thing called my life!"




Simone Ellen
CEO + Genius Finder

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