To overcome the hard parts of self-understanding, we tackle this in three ways;  

  1. We unravel the history of yourself so you comprehend how you came to be.
  2. We discover your incredible qualities and desires so you can align with your greater purpose.
  3. We teach you to use your parts in a way which enhances your life rather than blocking your potential.


What do you mean by ‘your parts’?

We use our nose to smell, our knees to bend…. they are parts of our whole and they help us work. We have many tangible parts, but we have many many more intangible. Here’s an example, we have a wonderful ability to see ourselves. We can use this part to do self-judgement or we can learn to use this part for the purpose of observation and understanding. One version enhances your life and the other version blocks your potential.

For each of our parts we have a default setting or an ultimate state and we can choose which one we use. Here’s another example, we can use the part of us that does jealousy and allow this to turn into bitterness and resentment or we can see that jealousy gives us direct access to feel our core desires – we would never be jealous of anything we didn’t want.

We are made up of many, many parts – self-understanding enables these parts to become tools which gives us the freedom to be incredible as opposed to being stuck.


Why does GeniusYou work?

Two reasons;

  1. We do self-understanding from a CORE perspective. Not from merely a physical or emotional state (the drama, or the feeling, or the rationalisation of the feeling), rather we look at the deepest and truest point of view - which is the total perspective. We work to understand the things that lie inside of you. And we work from here because this is where change and acceleration can actually happen.
  2. Most programs out there impose a new way of thinking on you. In contrast, GeniusYou works from the inside out, every concept introduced is personally relatable to your life. Every life experience is used to more deeply understand you.


What is our core?

Our core holds all of the invisible parts of us - our minds, our hearts, our instincts, our beliefs, our desires, our love, our purpose and genius. Our pride, our judgement, our blind-spots, our defence mechanisms, our pain, our shame, our sabotage. Our emotions, our fears – all these things come from our core, the very inside of our being and are often hidden from view.

Our core is our intangible DNA, our fundamental and distinctive characteristics, the elements that make us up, that make us work, or not 😉.

This journey - this process of self-understanding - happens from the deepest and most essential part of you.

And that’s another reason why it works, forever, because we are not putting another layer on you, we are taking you on a journey that works in you. We are righting and re-writing your core.


How is this different?

We don't teach you about the topic of love/money/career etc. You are the topic.

Unless new ways of thinking are intimately tied to the fabric of you, connected to your current and previous life experiences, they can't take root in your Core. For example; you will attempt to tackle and confront habits and behaviours (with great effort) rather than the reasons you have developed your habit or behaviour in the first place.

GeniusYou is yours, you are the topic. Discovering you is the purpose and understanding you is the process.

We have developed a way to go in, it’s not new or revolutionary, it's simple and can be achieved by anyone who has the bravery to see and the desire to understand.  

We have made you the subject of the process. It's like the difference between studying riding a bike and actually riding a bike. You don't study GeniusYou, we use the processes, concepts and tools of GeniusYou to fully understand you. And, we don't do it away from life, we do it with your life. Using your life to deeply understand and develop yourself.

GeniusYou is a way of seeing, understanding and choosing your authentic-self through the process of deep self-understanding and you can't forget or un-learn it because this process is done by you, with you, therefore it resonates so deeply that you can no longer do life in any other way.

GeniusYou teaches you to live in a different way; a way which puts the development of self at the forefront of everything you do.


THE GENIUS OF genius you  

Genius is a heightened level of brilliance. And in Genius-You-land it is found everywhere.

On a personal level, it is our most compelling talent and ability turned into an art form which then enables us to serve ourselves and the world around us. We all have it, but for most of us it's waiting to be seen and activated!

There are a few who present their genius so obviously that we can’t help but notice. They include the performers, the artists, the savants, the inspirers. But for most of us, recognition is a bit harder to ascertain, which is one of the reasons we attribute the mantle of genius to only a few.

Most geniuses are intangible, they don’t involve a mighty kick, or a pitch-perfect voice. You can’t see them or hear them, to find them you have to use discovery and feeling.

When they are defined, they resonate deeply. They contribute to making sense of someone’s life. And when we teach a person to put them at the forefront of everything they do, their existence becomes very exciting.

Then there’s genius at another level, as human beings we are endowed with so many genius abilities. We are simply not using them well. Which means that they end up damaging us, rather than enhancing us. Here are the heavy hitting Genius You insights that are game-changing when applied:

  • We have a tremendous ability to see and observe ourselves: We are mostly using this incredible skill for the purpose of judgement (of self and others) rather than for developing our wisdom and insight. We are not only hurting ourselves, we are constantly hurting each other.
  • Then there’s the magic of understanding: When we deeply understand, we change without effort. We are filled with myths and defaults. When we understand their origins, we can begin to heal and develop. This healing paves the way for deep truths about ourselves to emerge which enables us to intentionally choose how we wish to be in the world.
  • We have not yet learned how to do self love well: We are attempting to get love externally, rather than create it internally. So this makes us reliant on others to confirm how incredible we are. Instead we could be learning how to fill ourselves with self worth, trust and belief.
  • We need to constantly question if our core beliefs are serving us: These elements predicate what and how we experience life yet we ignore our core beliefs, rather than use them to empower us to create a life of our desire.  
  • How many of us are affected by shame getting in the way?: Shame is avoided and left to fester, impairing our love and restraining our lives, rather than resolved and used as a moral guide.
  • Fear is seen as a dirty word, but it is actually a powerful signal: we are taught to either avoid it by restricting ourselves, or face it and leap anyway, which is far from healthy. Instead of learning how to use this wonderful tool to inform us. Pushing past what we have been trained to fear, and learning how to listen and respond to a deep source of wisdom. Turning fear into an ally which gives us the greatest chance of survival and success.
  • Humans are currently ruled by our emotions: We allow them to dictate our experience. We are pulled around by them, we throw them at others, we swallow them or we avoid them like the plague because we haven’t learned to process and use emotions for the benefit of our development. Emotions are our key tool for growing and developing into our most magnificent selves, and they are what give meaning to our lives. Using emotions well is a key to achieving happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

All of these abilities can be used at a level which develops our magnificence - which is why we call them genius.  Flipping these attributes from detrimental, into a state of genius, and taking them to a heightened level of brilliance so they serve our lives is, quite literally, the name of our game.