Develop or Die!

Ok, I’m being overly dramatic, but chew on this truism: if we don't grow as human beings, we shrivel and die on the inside just a wee bit more everyday. If we don’t develop, then we are not really living, we are just existing.

Remember the first eighteen years? (Some may want to forget!). We grow constantly, through our contact with the world. Throughout our childhood, our education, our first loves and first jobs we are always extending ourselves.

But as the years go by and we master the fundamentals, we slow our pace of learning. Some stop altogether. We opt instead for a new quest: comfort, security, entertainment and ease. We reduce the amount of change we introduce into our lives. Pushing boundaries and risk taking is replaced instead with home improvements and holiday planning. Not that these things are bad, but unfortunately the reduction in our lives, appears to correlate with a diminishing amount of satisfaction and thrill. Our desire or ability to take risks tapers off.

It’s the increase of boredom and monotony that drives our need to add superficial pleasures, and run around in the pursuit of elusive happiness. True happiness comes from self-extension and the accomplishment of our inner dreams. And this is the reason that personal development is so fundamental to our wellbeing.

My commitment and belief in the brilliance of people, has led me to become part of the personal development industry. I have been utterly inspired and moved to orient my work in service of bringing people alive. I'm not undertaking this in a traditional way; I am mixing my experience in business, strategy and branding with my new knowledge of consciousness and self-awareness.

I don't approach personal development away from daily life. For me, it doesn't occur in a retreat setting, or on a yoga mat - it happens right here. With my loved ones, my businesses, the trials and tribulations. It’s messy and true. It’s authentic and real. I know my business and craft because every single day, I do it myself. That is where my insights comes from. Owning a bar, raising a blended family, teaching Genius You, creating brand strategies for brave organisations, experiencing and growing the immense love that I am. My journey features me being super tough, swearing frequently and wearing a great deal of black. Because this is me - comfortable (only now) to be who I truly am.

Personal development has to be done your way. Physical, esoteric, creative, strategic; it has to suit you. There are no rights and wrongs. But one thing is clear -- it is a do or die situation!