Ditching the Christmas Grinch

Happy New Year people, the family and I have had a wonderful break. So much of the good stuff; play, fun, laughter….
Then there's the great news, I find myself getting back into work and enjoying it as much as the holiday – I have never experienced this before.

There’s another thing I haven’t experienced in a long long time – a joyful Christmas.

A girlfriend of mine watched me in the build up to Christmas last year and she asked me the poignant question – why are you not enjoying this? She was surprised her friend who normally thrives in any situation that involves celebration was looking at the happiest time of the year with a grimace on her face.

So this year I had a conscious Christmas and I was able to see that I hadn’t enjoyed Christmas for years. It didn't take me long to understood why and at this point I was able to make a choice.

Instead of defaulting to my habitual reactions of costly, additional pressure and eventual resentment, with the help of awareness, my Christmas Fairies and Tim Minchin’s gorgeous song White Wine in the Sun I was able to recapture my Christmas spirit!!