Habitual to conscious

My journey kicked off when I did the JOLT Your Self programme. Before this I went through life using the intelligence and talent I had, but mainly by using charisma and manipulation.

This applied especially to business. I wasn’t doing the dirty on anyone but I knew how to work people to get the outcome I wanted. Sorry people.
I wasn’t the master of this that I imagined or I wouldn’t have hit rock bottom before I began Genius You.

But I became aware of how I was behaving through observing myself. This lead to a sudden revelation and immediate insights. My consciousness was prodded, shocked and activated. It was all good.

The number one skill that I teach as part of this Genius You programme is self-observation.
Now this isn’t easy, but heh, that’s been the case with 100s of other tasks that we’ve mastered during our lives.
As a starting point check out Red Hawk’s book, Self Observation: The Awakening of Conscious: An Owner’s Manual. I can’t recommend it enough. As a great practice guide. And as we know practice makes perfect.

Genius You uses consciousness to develop self-intelligence
When we become conscious or more aware of how we behave, we can see the extent to which we are creatures of habit.
It can be a bit of a shock initially because a series of patterns playing out over and over again are revealed. The world you thought was full of choice is more like a programmed reaction to what is happening around you.