Are you standing in your own way?

Genius You began when I discovered that I could define the elements that make a person magic.

I had been doing it for years as a brand strategist but when I was hit with the notion that I could do the same thing with people, my heart caught on fire (which sounds painful, but it’s really a beautiful thing).

Using a process of discovery, I could move a person from not knowing and understanding their magnificence to being able to see and harness their incredible inherent traits.

Fast forward four years of development and Genius You is now a programme which teaches people to live in a very different way, a way which benefits and serves us rather than inhibits and reduces us.

Genius You has four cornerstone areas of development and each is transformational.

Finding Genius
The first is the above, the process which distills a person’s magic; their genius, purpose and superpowers.

Core Beliefs
The second cornerstone is what we are currently raving madly about, the ownership and creation of our core beliefs. Our core beliefs are the powerful drivers which sit inside of us (unseen and beyond our conscious thoughts) and they dictate what and how we experience life - so it is incredibly beneficial if we can see and own these. Those who can see their Core Beliefs can experience a new form of power over the direction their life takes.

We have designed a process that enables people to identify and understand the unconscious belief system that is invisibly influencing our life.

We are going to speak a lot about the process but for now we wish to share with you the importance of tackling these slippery suckers.

If you believe life is hard, it is. If you are able to alter the belief that creates this thought and replace it with beliefs about how magnificent life is – it will be.

So, why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you throw yourself utterly in the pursuit of this goal?

I can tell you why - because I see this everyday in people. 
I see how a new belief, like “life is magnificent”, is an incredibly hard one to digest considered all we have experienced so far in life. This idea is out of step with our life experiences to date.

Secondly we are wary or the proliferation of programmes that promise the earth and deliver snake skin oil for a very long time. What we know is that life is hard, it encompasses death, loss, pain, impossible to process emotions and experiences, in this life - people like Donald Trump can be President of America.

We see a lot more sh#t than we see magnificence right now – so it is safer to not extend our hope, to not face disappointment or risk failure and humiliation. To stick with what we know.

I understand this – if you had brought this programme to me before I had created it, my core beliefs would have moved it into a failed experience territory: a religious upbringing that was wonderful, but didn't save me, Landmark Forum at 21, counselling at 24, The Secret at 29, more therapy at 36, a business mentor at 38 and I would have said, “this is not something I am going to spend my hard-earned money on”. (Hey! Did you see that? Another core belief just popped up, money is hard…).

For most of my life the obvious thing that had created the most transformation in me was wine, friendship and having children. This has been my faith.

That was until I discovered bravery. Bravery was the catalyst which allowed me to begin seeing myself. You see, our core beliefs are on the inside, to find them we have to look here. Unless you have a torch and a guide, this can be pretty dark, uncharted terrain.

Bravery is the torch. Genius You can be your guide. Owning these wonderful drivers means we have to begin a process of self-discovery. This introduces another core belief which stops us leaping into this journey. People believe that they are the problem, that they are riddled with undesirable stuff.

I will tell you a secret. I used to sleep with the light on. Not because I was afraid of the dark, rather I was afraid of my thoughts. Alone in the dark they were way too consuming. They always led me to shame and the belief that I was unlovable… I simply made sure the light was always on so if these thoughts took over there would be no delays, no fumbling for the light, wrangling scary thoughts while reaching for a novel to distract my mind.

Let me tell you, people are magnificent, they are riddled with incredible traits and abilities. It is the way we think and understand our world that needs to be resolved. At some point in the Genius You programme people realise there is nothing that it is too scary to see.

We trained by this world to live in a state of fear – bravery moves us into a new state, whether that be hope or willingness with the desire for something new. Genius You goes beyond all of this and takes you to magnificence. But first I’m calling on your bravery to move you into a state of hope. I am calling on your bravery to make you willing – because to reap life’s full rewards we have to overcome the core beliefs that a magnificent life is an unattainable pipe dream.

If you are catching yourself holding this belief, then congratulations. Because that is the beginning of seeing all the ways in which our core beliefs limit our choices. That is what this whole process is about. Even though you may still be skeptical, keep exploring this. Schedule a call with us to learn more. Because… What If??? What if this is actually the key you’ve been missing to unlocking your potential and What If this is the catalyst for creating the greatest version of you? If this is the case, isn't it worth exploring more.

Final note – 
We are not going to play on your desperation and your fears which means we are not going to play the usual marketing tactics. Believe us, we could, we know them intimately. It would also be an easier way to market and sell our program this way. Instead we are going to attract people by telling you the truth and sharing our epiphanies. We are going to make sure our marketing material – whether you take up the programme or not – adds to your life!