A Big Hello

Megan Salole

On the cusp of my 42nd Birthday, I am delighted to join the Genius You team as the newest practitioner and Mindset Mentor.

Since graduating from the Genius You programme, it feels like I have been gifted ‘The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything’. I literally feel light headed at times, contemplating the insights that I have learned.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy gave the baffling answer to the Great Question of Life as the number 42. It turns out for me that this number was to be my personal age of Enlightenment. I am excited that my next 42 years of life get to be informed by a brand new set of guiding principles, that I was supported to uncover and practice with Genius You.  

So what is the killer insight? Drumroll please. In fact, cue angels and trumpets. The personal development work we do is what matters. All other forms of success – both material and experiential – are the gifts and consequence of this work and these toils. Nothing more or less. For an extremely motivated “achiever” this is an astonishing revelation. It means for me that I am going to turn my efforts inwards for the foreseeable future. I still have great ambition, but my major efforts and resources are going to go to supporting my own growth and development. More than being the true source of happiness, wealth and prosperity, when my efforts are angled at this target - I've discovered that my heart's desire is fulfilled with much less effort and conflict. That is a massive strategic insight. It’s about getting me out of my own way.

I marvel daily at the Genius You programme - which is unflinching in its insight about what universally holds us back, and it's elegant framework for unpacking and remaking a new operating system for personal success and fulfilment. It’s a programme for bravehearts. It’s a programme for people who have outgrown themselves and are ready to shed a skin. It's a programme for people who thrive on success and accomplishment, but who are running on empty.

It is my great privilege to serve and support my clients on their magnificent journey, and I absolutely love my new job! You can find out more about me here