Most Magnificent Self

I call Genius You The Most Magnificent Life Programme for many reasons. It is amazing, exciting and incredible. And it also speaks of grandeur because a life undertaken in a Genius You way is going to be big. It's not safe and conservative. It's not waving opportunities by. It's bravely saying bring it on.

During the programmes, and there is a choice of three, we map out how you currently operate which is frequently in a programmed way in response to outside conditions and influences.

Once we have a deep understanding of our beliefs, behaviours and habits we can begin to make conscious choices about how we operate. By doing this we become our Most Magnificent Self. Tackling our blind spots starts us on the way of building self-worth, trust and belief. We move from having a self defence mechanism, to leading with our purpose and genius.

We become less concerned about how the world sees us, instead we are focused on our potential and what we can become – our Most Magnificent Self.

Most magnificent self doesn't mean being in a constant state of euphoria or nirvana. Life is no pushover. However, most magnificent does means growth, strength and personal fulfillment. It means releasing everything that makes you unique, incredible and amazing.