Our unconscious operating system

The creation of Genius You has been an epic journey.
Along the way there have been many wonderful human guinea pigs and a very patient family who put up with my raves as Genius You took shape.

They must have been in despair when I held forth on ‘blind-spots’ and I’m sure the cacophony of my eureka moment when I discovered how to map our unconscious operating system almost blasted them out of the house. But they never flinched.

Now I see the operating system as our Ego-Led Self – a programmed set of habits, beliefs and behaviours that prevent us from being the very best version of ourselves.

However, through Genius You, our operating systems can be reset. This requires large portions of courage and openness. The desire to open up and confront what’s revealed.

Sound a bit daunting? I see it a genuine voyage of discovery. It is all about seeing truths and organising them in a way that leads to understanding our blind spots and weeding out the beliefs that no longer serve us.

This then frees us to discover our genius and true purpose, and create a new map of beliefs and behaviours. We are then able to move from constantly reacting to external factors to creating a life of choice and developing a power that comes from within.