Core Beliefs TRAINING


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You are about to learn to do your life in a very different way. We have taken one of the main pillars of the Genius You programme and created a standalone module, so you can discover how to uncover and reset your un-serving Core Beliefs. The Core Beliefs Training happens over 2 x 1.5 hour sessions. 

You'll get familiar with the process of seeing and understanding how your Core Beliefs are getting in the way of the life that you yearn for. You'll see how they sabotage relationships, limit your income, have you selling yourself short or mean that you live with fear and anxiety. You'll discover that all these reactions are optional. You'll then be able to choose the life of your design, and we will support you with Tactics to change your tact, for good. 



You have the opportunity during these sessions to transform your life. But it can only happen if you are as honest and open as the distance you wish to go.  This workshop series will give you the opportunity to see yourself more clearly, distil your sense of genius and purpose, and you will learn a new way of operating, healing and developing new skills that keep you growing and achieving your life's goals. 

Begin your journey of expanding into your potential.

Investment: Online Zoom Training $500 INC GST

You get to enjoy 2 hour long sessions over two weeks, with followup learning over txt and email for one month. 

Our package includes access to the suite of Genius You resources and access to our private alumni group on Facebook. 

Sign up below, or contact our practitioners directly if you would like some more information before registering. We will be back in touch to book in a time for the sessions that suits you best. 

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