Simone Ellen Keller


I'm GeniusYou's latest Mindset Mentor and Practitioner.

Stuff I do
I'm a social innovator, self-professed lifehacker and agent provocateur. I'm a designer, an ideas person and an enabler. A board chair. A live illustrator. A performer in an international touring band and I'm a card-carrying member of Team Salole (comprised of My husband Francis and two-ish year old daughter). 

My spaghetti career path
I trained as a designer. It took me a decade to see that design was essentially about solving problems and that I didn't have to limit myself to solving visual communication problems. So now I let my brain loose to creatively solve problems wherever they occur. 

I have one of those brains that loves to put seemingly disparate things together.  I love fun. I am in hot pursuit of joy. I am fuelled by a huge sense of potential - in people and collectively, our planet's potential. 

Mindset Mentoring
Turns out these are all excellent qualities in a mentor and teacher.  Working with clients, I help transformation to occur. I support people to recognise parts of themselves that are holding them back from experiencing their full magnificence. 

I help people to work on their learning edges to create more freedom and flow. Together we are all learning how to live a more magnificent life, filled with joy and purpose. That’s the game as I understand it. 

I've been consulting, coaching and mentoring with founders and mentors from USA, Australia and New Zealand. 

Working at my edges
You’ve read this far, so let’s make it worth your while and go under the bonnet of me. I lived nearly 40 years of my life (I’m writing this, aged 42) feeling very divided - like there were two people living in the same body vying for the steering wheel. It was a major schism. 

There was my Creative Rebel who was deeply dissatisfied by the way things are and could see better ways to do just about everything. Then there was my achievement focussed, conforming self who really yearned for love and acceptance and was afraid of the creative rebel - who was a bit radical and a total show-off. Conformist Me worried that the Creative Rebel was an unlikeable part of me. 

It wasn’t a psychiatric disorder - I was a very high functioning person. It was more like two competing ideals about how to live, dragging me in opposite directions.  (I’m surprised I achieved anything in my life at all!) By suppressing my Creative Rebel I was really unable to experience my full power (and joy, because my Creative Rebel is very fun-loving!). I was diminished, and as a result was never fully able to experience a unified, magnificent self. 

At its worst, the struggle was one of self-loathing, a lack of self-trust and self-worth. A lot of therapy and counselling later, I was able to sit with the idea of the divided self, but I never really activated the Creative Rebel. And it turns out (thanks to my GeniusYou journey) this was my true superpower. So I had been living a half-life. 

Enter GeniusYou. A quick blat through the 12 week programme, and I’m being curious and loving with myself. Instead of merely tolerating my ‘selves’, I’m activating them. Honouring them. Inspired by them. Proud of them. Amazed. And in the very act of loving and treasuring these selves, they have fused into one and I am whole for the first time in my life.

How did I align?
Well, let’s just say that the GeniusYou programme is very nifty. Scratch that. It’s a totally sophisticated set of tools and models for getting in a more powerful and clear relationship to what is really going on under your bonnet. It mapped out all the tricky parts of myself - the unseen, unconscious beliefs that I held about the world and myself that held me back. Seeing all my foibles, flaws and (let’s be honest) self-sabotage in the light of day, I was able to commit to new beliefs that better serve me and my magnificence. Now I get to choose who I am going to be in each moment from a place of self-trust and worth. Undistorted by previous hurts and hardship. 

So the world finally gets to see me for who I really am. A magnificent, powerful, eternal optimist. I’m no longer prepared to downplay what I feel my unique contribution to this world is. I’m here to help people expand their imagination of what is possible - for themselves and for the world.  I’m here to help explore what a joyous, integrated life can look like. To encourage people to experience the freedom of really stepping into their lives, their unified and healed selves. We’ve got this one precious life, and we are who we uniquely are. We seem to put so much effort into trying to conform, instead of deeply cherishing that which is unique and precious about us. 

In all my work with people, when I scratch under the surface, I discover that we are all struggling with distortions and self-worth stuff. And it’s getting in the way. It hurts. It damages our relationships. It stops us from valuing ourselves and earning our true potential. I don’t believe the goal of life is about being happy all the time. What I have learned is that a good life contains a full spectrum of experiences and emotions. So the goal is to acquire the skills and tools to navigate and process one’s life fully, and live unobstructed. And there is enough pain in the world without us needing to create more for ourselves.  Our lives begin to expand accordingly in mind-blowing ways. And it is from this expansion that magnificence happens. It’s from this expansion that anything happens - money, relationships, career goals all shift because we do the personal work. This is the major insight. Our efforts are so often misdirected in our lives. For example, money is not the goal - personal transformation is the goal, and an abundance of money (if that is what you strongly desire) can then flow. When we do the real work, we reap lasting real benefits.

Luckily for us, the world also contains the Genius of Simone Ellen-Keller who has a knack for presenting this work in such an easy way to observe, synthesise and integrate. My personal GeniusYou experience was loaded with daily ah-ha moments and new understanding. Instead of being afraid to confront some of the trickiest stuff, GeniusYou enabled me to work on myself at ‘arms length’; it made self-observation both a loving, kind and joyful experience. 

There is no time like the present to begin to live fully, joyfully and magnificently. Don’t you agree?

Nice stuff people said
"She's got one of those brains that loves to join the dots and does so in unexpected and brilliant ways. She designed a business solution for me that is everything I could have hoped for - elegant and completely in alignment with my sense of my purpose, and desired way of living in the world ." 

- Tink Stephenson 


"In just one session, she delivered more tangible value to me than 6 months and $30,000 spent on my previous mentor"- Kymberlie Dimoz

Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs