see, understand, choose


Foundation Programmes

Level One

  1. Assessing Power and Taking Responsibility - moving you into a position of power. 
  2. Show Me You - understanding your life experience and how you came to be.  
  3. Teaching Self Observation - providing you with an important foundation tool. 
  4. Core Beliefs - learning how to see, understand and choose your core beliefs. 
  5. Self Love - developing self-love in the form of self-worth, belief and trust.
  6. Threats and Traumas - overcoming the things that hold us back and healing.

$250.00 per session

      7. 360 and ego mapping - developing self-love in the form of self-worth, belief and trust.


Optional Programme

  • Shame - freeing yourself from the consuming and damaging effects of shame.
  • Fear - learning how you can use fear as an ally. 

$250.00 per session


Level TWO

These are available once you have completed the Level One.

  • Emotional Processing - learn how to use, rather than be consumed by emotions.
  • Prioritising Love and Partnership - learn how to lead with love. 
  • Brain-Training and Pride - train your unconscious mind to serve your existence. 
  • Behavioural Change - enable behavioural change by consciously activating your ingenuity and intelligence.

$250.00 per session




Four Sessions, a 360 and Ego Mapping

This is a game-changing programme that incorporates our first six modules. Firstly we introduce the principles of the programme while investigating your life for the purpose of understanding how you came to be. Then we focus on introducing you to a range of tools which will enhance the way you 'do life'. We uncover your brilliance, map out how you operate and supply you with the resources you'll need to help you to continue to advance your learning well beyond these one-on-one sessions. 

Payment plans can be arranged



Single Session Option

You show up, we investigate your life and then we tailor the modules to suit your circumstances; whether it's teaching self-love, grappling with shame, re-positioning fear as an ally, or learning how to activate behavioural change.....we use the process of seeing, understanding and choosing to heal and empower you to 'do life' in a much more exciting way. 



Practical, strategic sessions geared to powerfully reposition you

Grounded in GeniusYou theory, this Mindset Mentoring is a great refresher for GeniusYou Alumni or an opportunity for newbies to engage in a ‘no-strings-attached’ session to see GeniusYou in action. The programme is also particularly useful for people making big decisions or grappling with challenging circumstances in their life. The sessions are focussed on tactics to create shifts and momentum and are 1.5 hour long and include a comprehensive, written strategy follow-up.